PLC and Colour Touch Screen Controls



Falcone Technical Services Ltd. offers its customers the latest advances in technology with its PLC kit. The software has been geared specifically to the blow molding industry to provide significantly enhanced productivity for our clients. We also offer a self-install option at a significant savings, which includes easy to follow instructions and remote assistance via modem (included in all packages).

We also supply a color touch screen tailored to blow molders for layout, design and function. The interface provides customers with better and more accurate information to blow a better bottle, faster. The touch screen includes easy to navigate menus and diagnostics specific to blow molding so that any issues can be pinpointed and addressed in a timely manner (see some screen shots below).

The FTS PLC package is running on numerous machines across North America and all customers have reported an immediate increase in productivity.

Our full colour touch screen controls offer operators a user-friendly environment and all of the information they need to make a consistent product. We can tailor our solutions to your needs. Every project we do can be customized to fit your specific use. Machine settings, such as heating profiles and timing can be saved and stored for later use. We have also programmed scheduled preventive maintenance reminders and alerts. Our diagnostics and alarms module allows operators to quickly return to production by following simple instructions and tips based on the alarm received. We are here to build a technological solution to your needs.

See some of our full COLOR TOUCH screen shots below: